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Our team of safety professionals comes from various backgrounds, combining our talents and experience to make your projects safer, and thus more profitable.

Brenda _Arnold.jpg

Brenda Arnold


Brenda Arnold has over 22 years of experience working with various industries to execute and expand managerial efficiencies. Brenda oversees business development strategies and processes for Company operations. Brenda’s responsibilities also include human resource management and strategic system support.


Sherilyn Bowman


Sherilyn has excellent management skills and a knack for directing company operations in a growth minded direction. She leverages excellent leadership and team work skills in order to ensure that objectives are completed. She develops, coordinates, manages and maintains ProSafe's day to day operations, including, but not limited to, HR, recruitment, accounts payable/receivable, client & employee relations, and management of office staff and field staff.

Thomas _Arnold.jpg

Thomas Arnold CSP, CUSP


Tom Arnold has over 20 years of experience in risk management including financial risk, data analysis, project planning and management, and policy writing. Mr. Arnold provides practical and innovative risk management solutions geared towards a measurable reduction of risk. The majority of clients served are within the utility and renewable energy sectors.

Michael _Anderson.jpg

Michael Anderson CSP, CUSP, CHST


Mike has over 13 years of construction safety leadership experience in the electric transmission and distribution, renewable energy, gas distribution, and mechanical sectors.  Mike has a strong track record of developing innovative and effective solutions to real problems. He understands the challenges that come with implementing a safety culture in today’s business climate and he has directed and led superior safety performance for large-scale organizations.  Mike is a Certified Safety Professional and a Certified Utility Safety Professional.

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