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Site Safety | Take Two


Job site conditions create a unique set of challenges that will differ for each and every location we work. Even in the same location, conditions can change overnight, making what was safe yesterday, unsafe today.

An accurate understanding of the work conditions, who (or what) else is on the job site, or new and unexpected risks cannot be confirmed until you see the job site with your own eyes.

Take Two

For the first two minutes upon arriving on the job site, get to know your surroundings. The purpose of the Take Two is to improve your situational awareness.

What to Look For

Identify critical hazards, the condition of your equipment, the environmental conditions, and even the people around. Ask: Is everything right where you left it, and in the same condition? A healthy sense of suspicion and a questioning attitude can enhance the accuracy of your situational awareness.

Always ask, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Perhaps it’s a runaway vehicle, or falling into an open trench. Whatever it is, be aware of it. A risk or hazard left unobserved almost always becomes an incident.

Discuss What You Find

With your team, discuss the conditions and how they could impact your work today. If appropriate, share the findings with others onsite. Include risk elimination or avoidance measures and protective precautions in your briefing.

Let there be no surprises. If the job site conditions are not included in your job briefing, then not all safety hazards have truly been considered and the briefing it incomplete and potentially ineffective. Talk about room for error! If situational abnormalities or hazards remain undetected, the will usually make work more difficult or contribute toward errors and accidents.

Things to Avoid

  1. Not communicating the hazards you’ve identified;

  2. Rushing. Two minutes is plenty of time.

  3. Working through uncertainty.


Every crew member should take two minutes to understand the unique risks of the worksite. The crew should discuss individual findings during the official tailboard.

Speak Up

If you have any concerns about safety, stop and speak to your supervisor. If you have any questions about safety in general, you can reach us at 877-723-3760. Or, you can email us at

Thanks for working safely.


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